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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Mission is requested by the association Regain, based in Aix en Provence, which has formed a partnership with the Congolese association FONASTIGNA located in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A part of the report by members of Regain, following a visit to the DRC, concerns "the search for an association that could promote agroecology, advice, exchange, and transmission of knowledge, to the team Fonastigna, living on the site of NSELE, to strengthen their agricultural practices in a sustainable way, improve their living conditions and allow young adults to exercise a professional activity.
A first needs assessment mission accompanied by a participatory survey is necessary in order for the selected partner association to precisely target the association’s specific cultural needs and obstacles to their agricultural production.
This evaluation mission is essential to the development of a sustainable agricultural project on the NSELE site and will make it possible to foresee the need for further training interventions. "
At the request of the association Regain et Terre et Humanisme, Dominique Brunet and Gérard Audigier, both of REASF, went to Kinshasa for this mission.
We believe that the success of a project depends on the will to act on choices made by the future actors of the project.
Each of the people interviewed should be aware of the responsibility that it engages in its actions in the realization of the project. The latter will have all the more chances of success that the participation of each one will be effective in its creation.
I-Working method usedBackup line
* Listening:
A good listening allows to understand well and to define the situation, the organization, the relations, the desires, the choices, the priorities, the realism, the commitments ...
* The observation:
 The visit of the orphanage in Kinshasa (understand the motivations and the priority action of the association).
 The visit of the site of Nsele (inventory, resources, know-how, problems encountered, accommodation, environment).
 Visit of Kindobo, the nearest village (link woven with NSELE, agricultural production, dynamism, needs ...)
* Our tool: the participatory survey (West African method).
 Identification of persons and groups of persons, possible actors in the project;
 Collective and individual interviews based on hypotheses of action and guides (questions);
 At the end of the mission, the persons concerned, in liaison with the persons in charge of this mission, co-construct a project or at least a project framework.
Gérard Audigier and Dominique Brunet