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In a country committed to the Green Revolution, there is a local association called HUMURA ​​("do not despair" in the local language) whose alternative project is to set up a training center in agroecology.
The village of Gisaya (Eastern Province), where the project is located, is largely home to exiles from the 1994 genocide, recently expelled from Tanzania and returned to their country of origin. Formerly nomadic herders, these inhabitants have become constrained farmers without any experience in agriculture. They therefore clearly need training.
Agroecology is an interesting route in this country where agriculture is predominantly manual and where the lack of arable land and financial means oblige farmers to produce a great diversity of plants on a small area.
HUMURA’s main objective is to help the population. Since 2003, she has been involved in various areas of intervention, notably health through the establishment of a medical center. Today, the will is to go further by helping people to become self-sufficient.

It is in this perspective that HUMURA ​​has just acquired a farm.
It asks for help to set up and develop an agroecological production adapted to local specificities. This farm aims to become a pilot school where the inhabitants, especially the youngest, can learn to produce and cultivate sustainably, responding to the dual needs respect of the resource and self-sufficiency of food.

Mission carried out by Antoine Boisson, trainee on site for 3 months in 2016: / 0618003363
Antoine is a student agronomist at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. At the age of 23, he completed his final year of study and specializes in Agroecology and Resource Management.