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ECO AGRICULTURE HOZHO Earth Navajo November 2016

THE CONTEXT For 20 years Navajo France has been present in Navajo, questions about agriculture and food have emerged from meetings with the Dine people. This observation of the Navajo people met by Lorenza Garcia, representative of Navajo France, echoes the situation in France, Europe and in many regions or countries of the world. The observation is everywhere the same: A denatured agriculture. Based on the idea that Man is the "owner" of Nature, agricultural productivism has developed in (...)

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Afghanistan November 2016

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is situated on a plateau at 1,800 m above sea level, on the foothills of the mythical Hindu Kush Mountains, crossed by the ancient "Silk Road". Estimated to 600,000 inhabitants in 1978, the largest city in the country has experienced an influx of people from the fighting between the modjaheddins and the communist government troops and Soviet forces and more recently opposing Taliban militias to the forces Governmental organizations. Kabul currently has (...)

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Madagascar October 2016

Action carried out in Bémahatazana, Madagascar, from 23/10/2016 to 05/11/2016 by Dominique BRUNET and Didier MEUNIER.
General context . Since 2010, the bishop of Tsiroanomandidy has entrusted to the religious Sisters of N.D. de la Salette the realization of the project of the College / Lycée St Paul. Increasing demands from the families of Bemahatazana were expressed on the interest of such a college / high school. To date, by the end of 2016, 1150 pupils were enrolled at this school. (...)

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THE CONTEXT In a country committed to the Green Revolution, there is a local association called HUMURA ​​("do not despair" in the local language) whose alternative project is to set up a training center in agroecology. The village of Gisaya (Eastern Province), where the project is located, is largely home to exiles from the 1994 genocide, recently expelled from Tanzania and returned to their country of origin. Formerly nomadic herders, these inhabitants have become constrained farmers without (...)

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Morocco, May 2016

CIPA May 2016 Context The Crossroads of Agroecological Initiatives and Practices (CIPA) is a center for experimentation, demonstration and training in agrosylvopastoralism managed by Terre et Humanisme Maroc. Located in the Marrakech region, in which many initiatives in agroecology flourish, the CIPA was officially inaugurated in June 2015. It is about 30 km north of Marrakech. Having several contacts with promoters about agroecology and its transmission in this region, Hélène Hollard was (...)

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